Our Services

The Telecommunications industry is changing on a continuous basis. New technology is creating opportunities in the emerging markets, and Telecom companies are racing to keep up.

The convergence of the Internet, cellular phones and PCs, plus growing access options through wireless, fiber optic, satellite and DSL, promise a constantly connected global society. Communications technology is tearing down barriers between countries, cultures and communities. Information is exchanged with the push of a button, and the most remote locations are now accessible via the cellular or satellite phone.

TAWASOL is poised to introduce the modern and state of the art Telecom services in the region. TAWASOL offers a wide range of telecom services that are state of the quality, cost-effective and time management. We help carriers and service providers to connect the people and contents. Our team of experienced telecommunication professionals will provide support, maintenance and consulting services for its valued customers, including but not limited to:

  • Telecom Equipment Engineering, Manufacturing, Furnishing and Installation
  • Technical & Commercial Consulting Services
  • Operations management and logistic services
  • Installation and Deployment Services, and Turn-key Project Implementations

Telecom infrastructure

Tawasol Telecom is reliable to deliver the critical services that develop and support the mobile networks. Tawasol Telecom is providing designs, builds, operates and maintains the active and passive network infrastructure that drives successful mobile Network for high service competency. with complying to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards, Tawasol Telecom offers complete end-to-end solutions that certify to our clients the need for only one company to deliver, with total confidence, against their contractual obligations. As part of our overall solutions, Tawasol Telecom delivers the following competencies:

  • Site acquisition, planning and property services
  • Construction
  • Mast and tower solutions
  • Antenna and microwave installation services
  • Network equipment installation and commissioning
  • Network equipment swap out programs
  • Rental Power
  • Network support services Core switching services

Low Current Systems

Low Current / Interior Fitting (CCTV, Structured Cabling, Fire Fighting, Lighting, Power Cables Pulling, Power Distribution boards, gate barriers, …etc) Tawasol Telecom is a leading systems integrator of high-end audio visual, automation and security systems As seen from the list of systems under our scope of expertise, handles high-end projects using state-of-the art technologies. Our specialist engineering departments consist of fully qualified and trained engineers in the computer and electronics fields. They are required to keep abreast of the latest techniques and knowledge available by attending continuous training themselves in order to provide the most up-to-date information to all customers of our systems. We pride ourselves on our investment in resources and staff, all with the express purpose of making our solutions perform at their best to guarantee the customer satisfaction.

  • Audio visual system
  • Access Control Systems
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Hotel Management Systems
  • Data Centers
  • Complementary services

IBS FTK Business End to End Solution

Mobile devices are becoming the preferred means of communication:

  • ”One person one number”
  • Call a person, not a location

Shift in cell phone usage patterns

  • Outside to inside
  • 70%+ of mobile traffic occurs inside buildings
  • Voice to data
  • E-mail, pictures, video clips, specialized apps
  • Wide area wireless nets are ubiquitous
  • 3G/4G data speeds equivalent to Wi-Fi

Shift in operators’ network build-out and

  • 2G to 3G to 4G, smaller cells, emphasis on covering areas of high user density
  • Large buildings are an important revenue generator for the mobile operator
  • Large buildings have a big impact on the overall performance of the mobile network

In-Building Wireless System Solutions…

  • Nominating Buildings for DAS Implementation
  • Confirmation from Customer
  • Building owner approval and agreement
  • Survey report submission
  • Connecting the design team with BM for approvals
  • Supporting the implementation team with Building management
  • Coordination with different contractors like MEP and other at some critical points

Planning Services

Training RF Planning Optimization IT Security IP Auditing / Security Data Center planning

Integration Services

Planning & Design Installation, Commissioning Turnkey Services Program Management Systems Integration

Managed Services

Out-Tasking Out-Sourcing Build, Operate, Manage/Transfer Hosting Services OSS Services .



This activity includes the search for site candidates that comply with optimum radio coverage, and preparing a complete technical documentation file, then, negotiation, validation, & registration of the purchase/lease agreement, all related permits, energy consumption meter installation, etc.

Site Acquisition Services Cover:

  •   Site Survey and Selection Upon receipt of search area maps, from the customer/operator, our surveyors pick 2 to 3 appropriate candidates complying with instructions from the client. The key factors considered while selecting a candidate are: Coordinates, Azimuths, Power Supply availability in or near the candidate premises, and candidate building and status (from the construction and safety points of view).

    Then our surveyors will prepare a full report (we are flexible to adapt to the customer format) detailing all aspects related to the candidate including drawings, location maps, and panoramic photos.

  •    Lease/buy Contract Once a candidate is validated and approved by customer/operator, our negotiators go into action to draft and finalize a lease or buy contract with the site's owners.
  •   Permits In parallel with contract negotiation, negotiators conduct a survey to collect information about the required permits for the previously approved candidate, This activity covers the following permits: Building permit, Power permit/contract, Agricultural permit, Environmental permit, Military related permits (Army, Air defense, Intelligence, others), Civil aviation permit, Archeological permits etc


Tawasol professional construction and installation personnel are fully equipped with all necessary tools and to carry out the complete construction & installation aspects of communication projects.

Tawasol offers complete site construction, earth work, access road, foundations, supporting structures, new buildings, modifications, equipment shelters, towers, painting, warning lights, antenna mounts, safety rails, cable tray, generators, tanks, grouting, air conditioning, installation of antennas & feeders and connection to commercial power.

Tawasol construction department is responsible for supervising the implementation of site works and coordinating with engineering to deliver the project on time and meet the quality requirement of the project. The project manager is the prime interface responsible to the client for the overall performance of the project work as such the project manager is responsible for detailed planning, organization, ensuring staffing requirements are met, directing and controlling the work within approved scopes of work and service, schedules and resources.

The implementation of the works is coordinated throughout with the project controls, quality and business departments to ensure all aspects of the client’s requirements are met.

Our construction work activities cover BSS sites and MSC sites

This activity consists of technical room design, site preparation, power, and electrical work, air conditioning, antennae work, and pylons and up to 60 meters towers.

BSS Services Cover
All services related to site installation, commissioning, and validation. Our teams can work under pressure and in harsh conditions to deliver our services in relatively very short time. Our scope of services covers the following:
Shelter, Electrical wiring, distribution board and automatic transfer switch, Earthing system, Air conditioner, Masts/towers, Antenna and coaxial cables, Generators - whenever needed.

This activity consists of civil work, false ceiling, raised floor, power and electricity work (design and implementation), earthing, generators, MDF and air conditioning...etc.
The MSC department staff experiences has performed installations of switches for more than 300,000 subscribers per switch, 1000 m2 of area, 1000 KVA generator, 300 KW capacity of Air Conditioning and 200 KVA of UPSs.

MSC Service Cover
The MSC Production Department's main task is to build switch sites & install the required environmental equipments as per the following stages: Switch site survey, Design of all necessary works for switch site preparation, and installation of the materials & equipments.


It includes survey, planning and executing the following tasks:

GSM equipment installation, integration, commissioning and testing of radio and power cabinets, System configuration, Integration of sites including test calls and hand over calls using test equipments.

Acceptance of sites including trouble shoot any occurring problem in SW and HW.

MW transmission projects including; site survey, line of sight, transmission plan, link design, installation, alignment, commissioning and testing of various models and capacities of transmission equipments.

Installation of outdoor and indoor equipments including; antennas, distribution units, DF panels and system configuration.

Covering both electro mechanic and radio works, our teams are capable of repairing and/or modifying all types of needed works for the sites including the MSCs.

The electro mechanic works for the sites modifications covers:
  • Shelters roof / double roofs – repairing, removing or installing
  • Shelter door – repairing, removing or installing
  • Raised floor & false ceilings – adjusting, repairing, removing or installing
  • Power cables – changing of rout, removing or installing

The technical works for the construction activity can be defined under the following:

  •   Civil work:
    •   Concrete design & construction for Towers and shelters
    •   Fencing
    •   Painting
    •    Raised floor
    •   False ceiling
    •   Furniture

  •    Electrical work:
    •    Installation, commissioning and testing of Earthing system, mesh grounding
    •   Installation, commissioning and testing of Generator sets types of CAT, FGWilson, SDMO, John Deere and Perkins
    •   Installation, commissioning and testing of Batteries for all VRLA types
    •    Installation, startup and Testing of UPSs types MGE and SOCOMEC
    •   Installation, startup and Testing of Rectifiers types Eltek, PowerOne, Ascom and Saft
    •   Installations of all types of distribution boards and panels

  •   Security Work:
    •   Fire alarm
    •   Fire fighting systems
    •   Access control, and security doors system
    •    CCTV systems
    •   Central alarms system.

  •   Mechanical work:
    •   Precision, comfort air-conditioning system
    •   Ventilation system
    •   Isolation system for generator's room to reduce noise level
    •    Sanitary works
    •   All steel works type.


The objective is to maintain the GSM network elements (MSC/BSC/BTS) and to handle malfunctions in order to ensure a continuous operation of the network. It comprises both preventive and corrective maintenance and covers environment, radio equipments, and transmission.


We have established a strong base of qualified suppliers for equipment and other related materials, besides the local suppliers, our network extends to foreign suppliers in Europe, Far East and North America. Due to this fact, Tawasol can supply all the needed materials with both high technical standards and best available prices in the best possible delivery time.