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Tawasol Telecom is specialized in total turnkey acquisition, survey, design, execution and maintenance of telecommunication projects whether it is a single product or a turnkey project. Our focus is centered on GSM / CDMA construction and maintenance of sites providing a thorough realization through our experienced technical staff any and all challenges whether technical, managerial, or territorial; utilizing state of the art techniques acquired.

Tawasol Telecom is an experienced provider of telecommunications services and networking solutions for the evolving regional market. With offices located strategically in Cairo, Muscat, Dubai and Doha, Tawasol offers not only technical and managerial excellence but also strong regional expertise in telecommunications engineering and project management. Tawasol specializes in providing high-quality, competitively priced GSM/CDMA survey, design, construction and maintenance services for both single products and total turnkey projects.


To become one of the leading Middle Eastern telecommunications services companies in the region delivering world class quality level of services to class-A customers.


To provide quality telecommunication services and networking solutions for the evolving regional telecommunications market through highly skilled and trained professionals. We are also committed to continually review and improve the effectiveness of our management system.

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  • In 2013-2014, Tawasol Telecom had assembled Tier-1 Task Force for Mastering the IBS Deployment in Middle East
  • Successful Projects Deployments had taken place in Egypt, Oman, UAE and recently under advanced stage with Qatar based Customers and Saudi Arabia based Customers
  • In Oman, Tawasol Telecom started IBS Site Implementation with Huawei in 2013 for both ooredoo (Al Nawras) and OmanTel
  • Tawasol Telecom had recently provided E2E IBS Sites Rollout for more than 250 sites (Small, Medium and Large) in Egypt and Gulf Operation

Delivered IBS Mega Projects in Oman

  • Ministry of Defense
  • Shaza Hotel
  • Salalah International Airport
  • Muscat International Airport Omantel
  • Al Bustan Hotel Omantel
  • City Center Seeb Omantel
  • Salalah International Airport ooredoo
  • Barka Mall
  • Royal Office
  • PASI office

Delivered IBS Mega Projects in UAE

More than 20,000 Antennas in UAE

  • Yas Island Mall (700 + MIMO Antennas ).
  • Dubai Health Care City (two large complex and Hayyat Hotel ) (1000+ SISO antennas ).
  • Marina 101 Tower ( the longest residential tower in the world)(1400 + SISO Antennas ).
  • Al Jalila Hospital (600+ MIMO Antennas ).

Dubai Airports Terminal 1, 2 and DWC (700+ MIMO Antennas)

  • Burjman Mall (500 + MIMO Antennas )
  • Al Mamzar Tower (1000+ SISO Antennas )
  • Grand Lord Hotel (450+ SISO Antennas )
  • Mafraq Hospital ( 1200 + Antennas )
  • Sharjah University M11, M14, W14 (500 + SISO Antennas )

Tawasol Telecom IBS Case study in UAE – 1 Yas Island Mall:

  • Yas Mall is home to 2.5 million sq ft of retail and entertainment at the heart of Yas Island.
  • The IBS implemented in this site is a passive solution including different kind of technologies 2G, 3G & LTE.
  • The Mall area is covered by about 700 antenna using MIMO technology.
  • Project was implemented on very fast track basis (DAS Completed in less than 6 months).

Yas Mall – Cont’d

Tawasol Telecom IBS Case study in UAE - 2 DHCC:

  • The Project Consist of two tower in Dubai health care city with 43 and 35 floors
  • The project is mixed use complex ( residential , 5 stars hotel and retail Area )
  • The project area covered by more that 1000 Antennas

Tawasol Telecom IBS Case study in Oman

  • Project is very complicated in terms of health and safety , access permission which required in daily basis .
  • Project consist of 382 Antennas for Both Operators ooredoo And OmanTel with massive cabling layout
  • Project Started on March 2014 and completed on October 2014 (Phase-1 still on going)
  • Coordination with More than 10 contractors working in the project
  • Although the complicated health and Safety procedure, Tawasol Telecom have got an award for our compliance with Health and Safety Standard .