About Tawasol

Tawasol Telecom is specialized in total turnkey acquisition, survey, design, execution and maintenance of telecommunication projects whether it is a single product or a turnkey project. Our focus is centered on GSM / CDMA construction and maintenance of sites providing a thorough realization through our experienced technical staff any and all challenges whether technical, managerial, or territorial; utilizing state of the art techniques acquired.

Tawasol Telecom is an experienced provider of telecommunications services and networking solutions for the evolving regional market. With offices located strategically in Cairo, Muscat, Dubai and Doha, Tawasol offers not only technical and managerial excellence but also strong regional expertise in telecommunications engineering and project management. Tawasol specializes in providing high-quality, competitively priced GSM/CDMA survey, design, construction and maintenance services for both single products and total turnkey projects.